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 Costa Rican Short Stories of Anguish and Landscapes
This Collection of very short stories contains a treasure trove of surprise endings, some cheery, some chilling most of them impossible to see coming. The author explores powerful and universal themes like unrequited love, revenge, treachery and the ..
In July 2005, by chance, the Guatemalan National Police Archive was discovered in Guatemala City. They are millions of documents that are piled up in damp, dark rooms full of rats and cockroaches. They have been left there after the peace was signed ..
A tiny fraction of the wind
It is a novel in which the characters and historical times alternate in the dizzying plot that offers a fresco of the last fifty years of Guatemala. Taking seriously her hairdresser and pedicurist's reading of the lines on the sole of her foot, Fabio..
Amusement park
Amusement park is a woman's look at the worlds: that of every day, that of secrets and that of desires. The book is constructed in several voices recounting the disagreement, the lack and the emptiness. Speaking of love and heartbreak, it lets us see..
Anancy in Limón. Afro-Costa Rican Tales (Digital book Epub)
This work is the compilation of some very significant stories in the oral literature of Limón. The protagonist of these brief stories is a spider known as Brother Anancy. The stories came from Africa along with religious, cultural and social traditio..
As the peaks burn
These poems by Juan Carlos Olivas tenderly destroy what was done wrong or lightly and propose to go back to basics and not waste words. They help us study our unworthiness and then purify ourselves. It also has the award of the UNA-WORD 2011 Award, a..
Autoretrato UNA Danza Joven 2003-2019 presenta una recopilación fotográfica de la experiencia y práctica artística realizada por el proyecto UNA Danza Joven (UNADJ) de la Escuela de Danza de la Universidad Nacional. Contiene imágenes de gran valor po..
Because it hurts if I stay
A fallen angel and a lofty demon progressively discover their humanity, their own and that of the other, and together they light the trembling flame of love… A love without fuss, anchored in the present and away from social clichés on the subject...
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