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1969: Story of a House
1969 History of a house is the journey through the memories of five brothers who have been trapped in the house that saw them grow up and that witnessed a tragedy that marked them for the rest of their lives...
Autoretrato UNA Danza Joven 2003-2019 presenta una recopilación fotográfica de la experiencia y práctica artística realizada por el proyecto UNA Danza Joven (UNADJ) de la Escuela de Danza de la Universidad Nacional. Contiene imágenes de gran valor po..
Costa Rican contemporary art (ePub DIGITAL BOOK)
This is a critical essay on Costa Rican visual arts from the second half of the 20th century until the dawn of the 21st century. For this, a detailed analysis of the political-cultural events that caused contemporary art in that moment is carried out..
DO, RE, MI Dissonant
The human being through music has always metaphorized his environment, his history, his deepest needs. In this philosophical framework, the story of Renato, Domingo and Miguel unfolds who, since the death of Lucho Vargas, have offered a small serenad..
Fears on demand
The compendium Temores a la carte represents the author's first work in the field of short plays dramaturgy, since all of his previous production corresponds to what is usually called "complete works."The theme that encompasses the eleven works is su..
Ink and paper: The engraving in Costa Rica of 1934-2000. A Historical-Aesthetic Approach
This study analyzes significant moments in the development of engraving in Costa Rica. It begins with the Album of Engravings of 1934 and ends in 2000 with a brief mention of the graphic exhibitions of the end of the century and young print, which ce..
Invisible Dramaturgy: Fifteen Years of the Abya Yale Theater in Costa Rica
This work offers the theatrical society and Costa Rican culture a chance to deepen an identity movement that passes through the opportunity to produce knowledge. It is a critical and, at the same time, artistic proposal that encourages reflection on ..
Japanese blue
In the artistic production of Herberth Bolaños, color, volume, tacit and visual textures converge, such as the point, the line and the plane simultaneously and conjecturally of the artist-work hybrid ensemble. We can clearly appreciate in this work t..
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