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 María Zambrano
Zambrano's writing resists analysis like the bird that always flies higher than the hunter's tricks. Perhaps for this reason, a path of access is the one presented here: the oblique path of the essay. This book therefore presents some attempts to app..
In July 2005, by chance, the Guatemalan National Police Archive was discovered in Guatemala City. They are millions of documents that are piled up in damp, dark rooms full of rats and cockroaches. They have been left there after the peace was signed ..
Amusement park
Amusement park is a woman's look at the worlds: that of every day, that of secrets and that of desires. The book is constructed in several voices recounting the disagreement, the lack and the emptiness. Speaking of love and heartbreak, it lets us see..
As the peaks burn
These poems by Juan Carlos Olivas tenderly destroy what was done wrong or lightly and propose to go back to basics and not waste words. They help us study our unworthiness and then purify ourselves. It also has the award of the UNA-WORD 2011 Award, a..
Because it hurts if I stay
A fallen angel and a lofty demon progressively discover their humanity, their own and that of the other, and together they light the trembling flame of love… A love without fuss, anchored in the present and away from social clichés on the subject...
Black butterflies for a killer
Novel that won the 2004 UNA-Word Contest Prize. With a remarkable command of language and narrative techniques, its author creates an atmosphere of the underworld of the rufian and nocturnal San José. The narrator places us in the physical and psycho..
Cartography of other possible worlds
Awarded in the 2005 One Word Contest. With this essay its author reflects and raises rich interpretative proposals on the universe of meanings and expressions of youth cultures at the dawn of the 21st century. Rigorous study and at the same time clea..
Fears on demand
The compendium Temores a la carte represents the author's first work in the field of short plays dramaturgy, since all of his previous production corresponds to what is usually called "complete works."The theme that encompasses the eleven works is su..
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