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An Approach to the Course of Cultural History from a Humanistic Perspective
? T he aims to show the role of teaching the course of history of culture in humanistic studies and proposes that this should be articulated around a central axis: the importance of philosophy of education and philosophy the history...
Anthology Of Economic Doctrines / Rodrigo Facio Brenes: Review And Biographical Notes Federico Vargas Peralta And Carlos Palma Rodriguez
The book is a compilation of twenty writings of eighteen economists, from William Senior to ECLAC. It includes a brief biography of each author, prepared by the editors, to facilitate the understanding of the circumstances in which the pieces were wr..
Artistic and Popular Culture in Costa Rica: 1950-2000. Between Disenchantment and Utopia
The book covers the different discourses and cultural products and Costa Rican art in the second half of the twentieth century, confrontation and dialogue with the history of Latin America and against the development of possible utopias, from an open..
Basic Vocabulary of Costa Rican Preschool Children
This book covers the most common words used by preschool children in Costa Rica to communicate topics related to their life experience; Lexical acquisition measures to properly plan and adapt teaching pedagogical discourse, this implies a paradigm sh..
Behavior of the Costa Rican Electorate: Elections 2006
Costa Rica is experiencing a process of change in the party system, citizens are becoming increasingly disenchanted and distrustful of the performance of those engaged in politics and consistently decreases electoral participation...
Behavioral Approaches. Cognitive and Emotional Rational
The topics covered in this book provide a clear picture of discipline Guidance and their professional work. It also presents an extensive exhibition of rational emotive behavioral, cognitive and approaches that can enrich the orientation function...
This book presents the results of research on the construction of transnational spaces formed by emigrants, return emigrants and their families and communities in Los Santos and Pérez Zeledón, in San José, Costa Rica and Bound Brook, Nueva Jersery...
Between Dominance and Resistance: The Pacific Indigenous Peoples of Nicaragua and Nicoya in the Eighteenth Century
This work analyzes the interactions between the natives of ancient Nicaragua and Nicoya between 800 AD. C. and the sixteenth century. It is a dynamic history that contemplates indigenous peoples in the struggle to survive in a multicultural environme..
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