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Celebrations and symbols: the first Centennial of the Independence of Central America (1921) (Printed book)
The first centenary of Central American Independence (1921) is studied in the light of citizenship, to analyze changes in the public sphere, in political culture and in the construction of national and Central American identity...
From “little Wall Street” to the city of “bracelets”. The sales that run through the streets of the world (Printed book)
El libro es fruto de una investigación cuyos protagonistas centrales son los vendedores que corren por las calles del mundo; personas de diversos sexos, géneros y edades, pertenecientes a los sectores pobres de la sociedad...
History of Ramonense literature. From the origins to postmodernism (1870-1970) (Printed book)
Based on regional studies, this History of Ramonense Literature. From its origins to postmodernism (1870-1970) it outlines a periodization of the history of the literature of the area and analyzes its first two generations...
The hero of discord. Juan Rafael Mora Porras and the Costa Rican culture (Printed book)
El héroe de la discordia incorpora una perspectiva múltiple, que por vez primera integra la historia, la historiografía, la literatura y la memoria...
Women before the ecclesiastical court in 17th century Costa Rica (Printed book)
The situation of women before the Ecclesiastical Court in the eighteenth century presents cases of cruelty, discrimination, marginalization, submission to patriarchal canons and legal instances. In the Costa Rica of the XXI century, the issue is stil..
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