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Business and Ethical Behavior
This work relates in detail the interaction between society, business and ethical behavior of individuals. It gives a special interest to the participation of individuals and groups in the activities of businesses that carry out state institutions an..
Deep Hermeneutics And Analysis Of Culture: Masculinity And Femininity In Two Poems By Pablo Neruda
Discussion on literature as agent of culture, symbol and socialization. Analysis of two poems by Neruda and masculinity...
Emotions And Bioethics: Looking At The Greek Philosophy
With the tools of classical Greek ethics we consider the conditions, problems and possibilities that arise with and from the emotions; With this in view an approach to bioethics is made in the complexity of its foundations and realities...
Ethics And Politics In The Sophists
No philosophical or spiritual movement in the West - except Christianity - can be compared to the Sophists in terms of their scope and controversy. This thought, while not deprived of scientific and theoretical studies, was practical and active, cons..
Experience of Consciousness: Principles of the Logic of Alterity
An inquiry into the experience that consciousness has of itself is equivalent to the inquiry of itself from which all self-being is capable. The present inquiry is carried out according to a method appropriate to its field of research and the analyze..
Human Flowering And International Development: The New Ethics Of Human Capabilities
Knowledge and Politics in Latin American Universities
Here society and education are related to the experience of the Latin American university; In particular, the political relations that the university institution has maintained with politics in Latin America from the beginning. Finally, some consider..
Moral Foundations: An Introduction to Ethics
This book relates the moral with early stages of the cosmic process, interprets the moral and ethical concepts feelings, as well as laying the foundation for an ethic both comprehensive and compatible with our spiritual aspirations...
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