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Beyond the river
The widow of an influential man in 19th century Costa Rica, directs her house, her businesses and the research she hires a character unusual, relative to the execution of General José María Cañas. The reasons are barely suggested and the intrigues of..
Cannibal sea
Gregorio Malverde has abandoned his daughters, gone to a remote town on the Caribbean coast, and adopted a black girl. Worried about the remains of family wealth, Malverde's daughters organize a trip to take possession of what they believe belongs to..
Death whistles a blues
What if a fiction book took the methods of a film director? If the atmospheres had as much weight as the stories and the same characters appeared over and over again? Representing types and situations were repeated in different times and countries, a..
Is of dogs
Commissioner Wenceslao Pérez Chanán and his investigation team face a new case that has tails and four legs. Several dogs have attacked families in different parts of the city. From a close relative to the daughter of a Costa Rican diplomat, to influ..
Pinpoint angel
This is an inaugural novel. In many ways. Because on the one hand, its author, the young writer Óscar Ureña, likes to provoke visions that are out of the ordinary so that his characters are installed in reality in a different way. The tangible is tou..
Salt trail
Salt trail is the new novel by the writer Arabella Salaverry, who has twice received the National Prize for Literature, leads us through parallel processes: the meticulous construction of four female identities from their little joys, their pains, th..
The basement
In a dark and damp basement, death is suspended. An old man is there, locked up for a long time. Someone observes him, sees the deterioration of his body, hears his inner voices mixed with the infinite voices that haunt the city. The beginning of the..
The daughters of the blood sun
Each story in this book, despite maintaining its own identity, proposes an interconnection, a thin, almost imperceptible thread through the lives of its protagonists. From Nirú to Sara, from ancient times to the most challenging futuristic technology..
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