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The Tradition Of The Mariachi In Costa Rica
This literary work comments on the great emigration of mariachis musicians who, because of the war in San Salvador, arrived in Costa Rica, displacing a large part of Costa Ricans and causing problems for both the guild and its people...
The Traditional Music of Guanacaste: A Written Approach
This material collects and writes some of the most important works of folk music bands and marimbas, thus, create a library of traditional music guanacasteca...
Trovar: Poetic Memory Of The Hispanic American Song
This work studies diverse poetics of the Hispanic American song from the medieval lyric to the current popular music. The song, marginalized by centuries, reborn as a poetic-musical genre in the twentieth century, interacting dynamically with contemp..
Del son nica al rocknica: el personaje popular y el discurso de identidad en la música de los Mejía Godoy (Libro digital ePub)
Del son nica al rocknica es un estudio sobre la música popular nicaragüense desde una perspectiva multidimensional que abarca tanto el contexto de la producción cultural como su entramado simbólico y social...
From son nica to rocknica: the popular character and the identity discourse in the music of the Mejía Godoy family
From son nica to rocknica is a study on Nicaraguan popular music from a multidimensional perspective that encompasses both the context of cultural production and its symbolic and social framework...
Guitar work Abelardo (Lalo) Álvarez. Critical edition of selected works. (PDF digital book)
Abelardo Álvarez Berrocal, known as Lalo Álvarez, was a Costa Rican guitarist and composer, born in the city of Alajuela at the end of the 19th century and who developed his work mainly in the first half of the 20th century in his hometown...
Songs for voice and piano by José Francisco Víquez Mata
Critical edition of twenty-three songs in song-piano format by the Costa Rican composer José Francisco Víquez Mata. In addition to the scores, the technical sheet and the musical analysis of each work are also presented...
Stealing time from time. Academic music in the Central Valley: from trade to profession (1940-1972) (EPUB DIGITAL BOOK)
The work makes a review of the practice of academic music in the Central Valley of Costa Rica during the 1940s and 1972, with the aim of studying the musical profession and its professionalization process during that period...
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