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Latin Suite For Saxophone Quartet (Printed book)
The intention of this work is to contribute to the development of Latin American repertoire for saxophone, have a didactic material that allows teachers to expose their students to this type of repertoire and encourage motivation saxophone part of th..
Music For Everyone: An Introduction To The Study Of Music + CD (Printed book)
This text is an entertaining and clear introduction to the study of music. It gives a broad view of the musical world and profusely illustrates the contents with diagrams, graphics, films and examples for their audition...
Music for Piano (Printed book)
This collection of ten works for piano by composer Carlos Enrique Vargas is an important contribution to the piano repertoire of our country. Hopefully this music, from a closer reality, understanding is more accessible to young students and thus con..
Solfeo Method: Based on Latin American Popular Rhythms + CD
This work aims to contribute to the development of musical reading anyone wanting to venture into popular music. Salsa, merengue, cumbia, danzón and the cha cha cha are part of this material that attempts to broaden the musical scope, by reading, hea..
Studies For Guitar. Costa Rican Authors. Didactic Information (Printed book)
This publication brings together eight studies guitar Costa Rican authors. They are revised and fingerings by Ramonet Rodriguez, Costa Rican guitarist renowned and extensive teaching experience, who also provides valuable information about the author..
The Guitar In Costa Rica (1800-1940) (Printed book)
The roots and the execution of the guitar in Costa Rica from 1800 to 1940 were marked by the socioeconomic conditions, and its interpretation has involved both popular and classical music, where the guitarist Agustín Pío Barrios Mangorés visit has im..
The Morales Family. Musicians By Tradition (Printed book)
The life and work of Juan Morales Avellán, Gordian Morales Corrales and Octavio, Alfredo and María Luisa Morales Fernández brings us closer to better understand the artistic and social development of Costa Rica nineteenth century and the first half o..
The Patriotic Hymn On September 15 In The Costarican Imaginary (Printed book)
In the present work an extensive research on the Patriotic Hymn has been realized to the 15 of September from a poetic and musical perspective combined with the sociocritical analysis. For, until now there was no systematic study of this Hymn, despit..
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