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Costa Rica National Anthem (Printed book)
Costa Rican Women In Music (Printed book)
This biographical text created with the aim of providing, for the first time, an approach to music making of women in Costa Rica between the second half of the nineteenth century and the eighties of the twentieth century...
Costa Ricans In Music: Conversations With Popular Music Players 1939-1959 (Printed book)
This book features 27 protagonists of popular music during the period 1939-1959, which makes it a recognition of the brilliant work of Costa Rican folk artists who, in their own right, are stellar protagonists of our culture...
Didactic Theory Of Musical Initiation 1-2 (Printed book)
This work has as main objective to provide children and young people, students of the basic stages of music, a guide of work and research. It is oriented to all institutions where the teaching of the wonderful world of music is practiced...
Guitar Work Abelardo (Lalo) alvarez: Critical Edition Of Selected Works (Printed book)
Abelardo Alvarez Berrocal, known as Lalo Álvarez, was a guitarist and Costa Rican composer, born in the city of Alajuela in the late nineteenth century and developed his work primarily in the first half of the twentieth century in his hometown...
Handbook Of Music History: From Greek Antiquity to the Beginning of the 17th Century (Printed book)
This manual teaches the history of Western music in its infancy, from Greek antiquity to the early Baroque. These periods are exposed according to their relevant characteristics, by means of a novel, practical and schematic, based on an extensive lit..
Hurting Time To Time. Academic Music in the Central Valley: From Occupation to Profession (1940-1972) (Printed book)
Work carried out a review of the practice of academic music in the Central Valley of Costa Rica during the years 1940 and 1972, with the aim of studying the musical profession and professionalization process during that period...
Introduction to Musical Theory (Printed book)
Musical theory is one of the first subjects within the scientific framework of music, as it acts as a promoter of harmony, musical analysis, counterpoint, instrumentation, among others. The book Introduction to musical theory shows the first scientif..
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