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After Breaking the Silence: Psychotherapy with Child Abuse Survivors (Printed book)
This is a book aimed at workers who care mental health and provide treatment for survivors of child abuse is. the consequences of this abuse (physical, emotional, sexual) and principles, strategies and techniques for psychotherapy (long-term) exposed..
Arterial Hypertension: Pathophysiology And Treatment (CD)
In this study the pathophysiology of hypertension, classification and treatment algorithms described. a compilation of the main therapeutic agents, its pharmacological characteristics and relevant aspects, charts and tables easily query is also prese..
Atlas Of Dental Implants Preparations (Printed book)
The main objective of this work is to offer students and professionals in dentistry a working tool that allows them to apply, rationally, the basic principles with which all preparation in fixed prosthesis must be fulfilled...
Atlas Of Medical Microbiology (CD)
The material in this compact is presented as an interactive atlas that summarizes the basic morphological concepts of infectious agents, viruses, bacteria and fungi, allowing the medical student familiar with these microorganisms and relate pathologi..
Between Social Marginality and the Origins of Public Health: Lepers. Healers And Faculties In The Central Valley Of Costa Rica (1784-1845) (Printed book)
Seven short essays dealing primarily of theory and methodology of history; the last, much longer addresses the science fiction literature, film and other vehicles in order to study the imaginary of the twentieth century...
Bioelectricity (Printed book)
This book covers the various aspects of bioelectricity in a practical and simple way. It is aimed at students of the physiology courses for medicine and for the postgraduate course in Biomedical Sciences. It offers the student a complete overview of ..
Conceptual Model Of Imogene King And Dorotea Orem: Self-Instructional Module (Printed book)
Este módulo incluye tres unidades modulares, las cuales presentan elementos filosóficos y principios de la Teoría de la Consecución de Objetivos de Imoge King y la Teoría General de Enfermería de Dorotea Orem. Cada unidad modular contiene actividades..
Daily Food Consumption Collection for Preschoolers. Illustrations of Portions of Food and Preparations. Instrument for Registration of Information (Printed book)
This work is part of a set of two texts that are an instrument to make an estimated food registry in preschool children. The first, Food Consumption Diary for Preschoolers, and the second, Food Consumption Diary for Preschoolers. Instruments for reco..
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