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 A la découverte de la francophonie en Europe avec les émissions de radio
The purpose of this publication is to make available to listeners of the radio programs "Fréquence Ados Nouvelles Formule" and "Echos Francophones" a series of comprehension exercises whose objectives are to improve the oral comprehension skills of t..
 Discovering the Author’s Mind throught Reading
Un manual de materiales y ejercicios para enriquecer la capacidad en la comprensión de lecturas en inglés, con recursos técnicos y didácticos verdaderamente motivadores y eficaces que serán de gran ayuda a los estudiantes del idioma inglés...
 Noir sur blanc (Niveau I)
A useful manual for teaching French as a second language, consisting of a rich variety of work proposals for the teacher and the student. Its authors adopt and propose dynamic methodologies and resources, such as graphics, examples and practices, whi..
Central American Spanish
The present work pursues two main objectives; The first is the "incorporation" of the region known as Central America into the context of studies on the Spanish language in its geographical dimension; The achievement of this objective makes it possib..
Elaboration of frequently used documentary types
Manual for the support of teaching and administrative work was prepared by three experts in the field. It provides, in a dynamic and exemplified way, information on the information management process on frequent types of documents: letters, memos, ci..
Let's Learn Spanish and the Culture of Costa Rica Together.
Let's learn Spanish and the culture of Costa Rica together, is a workbook of Spanish as a foreign language, aimed at intermediate level students who wish to learn or improve their communicative competence in the Costa Rican culture.Methodologically, ..
Mek wi rayt wi langwich: Limon kryol alfabet. Illustrated Alphabet of Limonense Creole
The work Mek wi rayt wi langwich: Limon kryol alfabet. represents the result of the joint work of the actors for more than six years. This alphabet is presented to the Lemon Kryol speaking community as a simple and practical tool that allows the writ..
Noir sur blanc (Niveau II)
It is the volume that complements and develops the title Noir Sur Blanc I. Its authors propose a development of the complexity of the texts by maintaining a varied theme and an enrichment of vocabulary for a textual understanding of an intermediate l..
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