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67 poems
Collection of poems that deal with the difficulties of existing in today's society. A system that is distinguished by allowing less and less subjectivity. More than a collection of poems, the text is a sociological treatise and a psychoanalysis...
Reality is the worst fiction: Cinefilia seeks to blur the line betweencinematographic blockbusters and a Central American urban environment. The poetic self takes advantage of titles, characters and plots of pop movies to talk about local problems of..
Depravity of light
Depravity of light reopens the space to the homoerotic voice within Costa Rican poetry. Various mystical, philosophical and aesthetic perspectives converge in an intimate, public and zenith world, where the erotic transits from a dynamic corporality ..
Eros’ deck of cards
Eros’ deck of cards is the place where bursts the strength of living, the capacity to transcend the reproduction of archetypes, the engagement in postmodern breaking of paradigms, and the certainty of experiences ..
From the high window of the years (PDF digital book)
This collection of poems by Julieta Dobles has been written since the height of her old age. It is a song of joy, love and human solidarity, where nature constitutes a great framework, in a beautiful, deep and understandable language...
Still wind
Still Wind contains poems that explore themes such as death, mourning, love,heartbreak, existential anguish, self-exploration and personal affirmation. This whileexposes the transience of objects or people that once appeared to be permanent...
The Eros deck
The Eros deck is where experiential strength explodes, the ability to give something more than a reproduction of the archetypal, to engage in paradigm-breaking postmodernity, the certainties of an experience capable of revealing something of truth...
The whisper of the accomplice leaves
The leaves whisper and bring us close to detail, sensation, or feeling. They mutter millenary experiences and make us commit. They bond us to emotions that accompany the adventure of knowledge and speak to us about..
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