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Karl T. Sapper (1866-1945) Pioneer Geologist in Central America (EPUB DIGITAL BOOK)
For the first time accessible to all types of public, the translation of one of the most complete works of the famous geologist, volcanologist, geographer, linguist and ethnologist, Dr. Karl Sapper (1866-1945), as well as a transcript of His biograph..
Matilde, an icon. Testimonies of the history of the first electronic computer of the University of Costa Rica (PDF digital book)
It's my story with Matilde !, the first computer of the UCR, and of the country, of a scientific type. She recounts the vicissitudes of those who worked with her in the IC, and the great support given to the teaching, research, social action and admi..
Notes on Economic Doctrines. Volume I. Lic. Rodrigo Facio Brenes.
This book reproduces the class notes of Rodrigo Facio Brenes for his course Economic Doctrines, at the School of Economic and Social Sciences in Universidad de Costa Rica. The work collects his thinking, as well as comments on the most outstanding..
Progress in Los Santos: a history of coffee, migration, and national Costa Rican identity (LIBRO DIGITAL PDF)
Through over a hundred oral accounts and thousands of archival sources, the autor analyzes the historical development of Costa Rica in the Valley of Tarrazú, focusing on coffee harvesting. Tha autor highlights..
Tenochtitlan: the last battle of the Aztecs
The hero of discord. Juan Rafael Mora Porras and the Costa Rican culture
Of the heads of state and presidents of the Republic who have governed Costa Rica since independence (1821), Juan Rafael Mora Porras (1814-1860) has been the one who has had the most permanent, deep and controversial relationship with Costa Rican cul..
Toponymy of the road network of the Greater Metropolitan Area (PDF digital book)
This study analyzes the place names of the road network of the Greater Metropolitan Area, to verify the linguistic habits of the speakers of the region and their relationship with historical events and cultural features...
With the Homeland in the Pocket
Analysis on evasion, avoidance, and non-payment of taxes and deception in the press, among many other topics..
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