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French Consul Tour For Central America 1888-1889
Great Costa Rican Teachers. Pedagogical Notebook Series 1 (Printed book)
In order to contribute to sociocritic analysis of education and the national reality, the pedagogical notebook Grandmasters Costa Rican collects papers relating to thought and contributions of Roberto Brenes Mesés, Omar Dengo Guerrero, Joaquín García..
Historical-Philosophical Panorama Of The Renaissance In Italy (Printed book)
E? L This paper examines the process that led to regard this period as the dawn of capitalism, while marking a total renovation of human beings. ..
History Of Costa Rica: Ancient History Of Costa Rica: Emergence And Characterization Of The First Civilization (Printed book)
The book presents the history of Costa Rican societies without writing (12,000 BC -1,550 AD). The author is based on the archeology works carried out in the present territory of Costa Rica, while comparing them with other American regions to interpre..
History Of Costa Rica: Brief. Updated And With Illustrations (Printed book)
The purpose of this book is to offer national and foreign readers a synthetic and up-to-date view of the history of Costa Rica from ancient times, when the tropical forest concealed the fleeting pace of the first hunters; To the present, increasingly..
History Of Costa Rica: Costa Rica In The Eighteenth Century (Printed book)
Detailed analysis of the economic and social life of Costa Rica during the years between the crisis of the encomienda - around 1680 - and the dawn of independence, a stage of our history characterized by the complexity and dynamism of the peasant wor..
History Of Costa Rica: Costa Rica In The Sixteenth Century: Discovery. Exploration and Conquest (Printed book)
This book is divided into six chapters: the first deals with the history of Spanish expansion in America, the second on the conquest of Panama, the third and fourth on the exploration and conquest of Nicoya and the Pacific territory of Nicaragua. The..
History Of Costa Rica: Evolution Of Foreign Trade And Maritime Transport Of Costa Rica 1821-1900 (Printed book)
It describes national trade and maritime transport in the nineteenth century, in the context of changes on a global and isthmic scale. It presents the gradual evolution of trade and highlights the role of entrepreneurs in these areas. It analyzes tec..
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