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The Costa Rican indigenous people: an ethnographic overview (Printed book)
Esta obra señala diversos tópicos de las costumbres e historia que su autor, Rodrigo Salazar Salvatierra, ha compartido durante varios años de investigación en los pueblos indígenas de Costa Rica. Patrones de comportamiento, así como la música, la da..
The hero of discord. Juan Rafael Mora Porras and the Costa Rican culture (Printed book)
El héroe de la discordia incorpora una perspectiva múltiple, que por vez primera integra la historia, la historiografía, la literatura y la memoria...
Toponymy of the road network of the Greater Metropolitan Area (PDF Digital book)
This study analyzes the place names of the road network of the Greater Metropolitan Area, to verify the linguistic habits of the speakers of the region and their relationship with historical events and cultural features...
With the Homeland in the Pocket (Printed book)
Analysis on evasion, avoidance, and non-payment of taxes and deception in the press, among many other topics..
Women before the ecclesiastical court in 17th century Costa Rica (Printed book)
The situation of women before the Ecclesiastical Court in the eighteenth century presents cases of cruelty, discrimination, marginalization, submission to patriarchal canons and legal instances. In the Costa Rica of the XXI century, the issue is stil..
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