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A Little Known Journey: The Visit of Elijah Al-Mawsili: Chaldean Priest Iraqi. To Colonial America 1669 -1680
This book reconstructs the journey and the contributions of the priest Elias al-Mawsili, from the story that the traveler wrote from memory many years after his return to the Middle East. During his last years he settled in a convent in Syria, where ..
Ancient America: The Pre-Columbian Peoples From the Original Population Until the Beginnings of the Spanish Conquest
This text explains in narrated form the history of the American people from the first settlement of the continent to the contact with the European and a little later. The interpretative framework follows the evolutionist perspective of archeology: in..
Balances Of The XX Century. History. Microbiology And Physics
With this number the Editorial Board seeks to propose topics for reflection that help to build a world in which all fit; where justice, peace and solidarity are the beacon that guides us...
Billo Zeledon That Famous Unknown
The work analyzes the poetic text of the National Anthem and confronts the author with texts published between 1911 and 1914; production is part of contestatario speech early twentieth century, which to challenge the official discourse, evidence crac..
Central America: History
This work is a regional approach with a synthetic and updated vision of the past of the five countries that are part of historical Central America (Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica), from the original settlement, about twelv..
Commemorative Album Of The Inauguration Of The University Of Costa Rica
Memorial Album of the inauguration of the University of Costa Rica was the first book published by our alma mater. This new edition is a tribute to the women and men who made possible the revival of the first Costa Rican university and a means to new..
Costa Rica (1800-1850) Colonial Legacy and the Genesis of Capitalism (1800-1850) (PRINTED VERSION)
This work is divided into two parts of three chapters each: the first characterizes the colonial legacy of Costa Rica, and the second analyzes the genesis of agrarian capitalism. Among its themes we find: the productive structure, foreign trade, the ..
Culture and Development From Latin America: Three Approaches
The three essays that compose this work constitute a serious effort to reflect from a national perspective -Costa Rica- and regional- Latin America-, on the cultural aspect of our societies and their relation with the future possibilities of developm..
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