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Icomos Calendar
Architecture of traditional neighborhoods in Costa Rica. Icomos 2020..
José Daniel Zúñiga: the descriptive song (DIGITAL BOOK PDF)
This book presents a biography of José Daniel Zúñiga, an analysis of his works and the scores of 20 songs chosen from his extensive vocal repertoire...
National symbols of Costa Rica: the other story (DIGITAL BOOK ePub)
This book offers a transdisciplinary analysis of the main national symbols: shields, flags, scores and lyrics of the national anthem, which respond to the different ideological processes and manifestations of coloniality rooted in Costa Rican society..
Songs for voice and piano by Marvin Camacho Villegas (PRINTED VERSION)
This anthology compiles twenty-one songs in song-piano format by the Costa Rican composer Marvin Camacho, grouped into five song cycles, plus three individual songs...
Sources of information for research in Archival and Library Science (DIGITAL BOOK PDF)
The work Sources of Information for Research in Archival and Library Science, presents the analysis, concretion, clarification and delimitation of the sources of information used in archival and library research. It is based on the theoretical postul..
This work analyzes and exposes the fundamentals of Diamond Theory applied to the three main systems: LL, CL (or from a vertex) and Plus, basically in what concerns the calculation of a measure based on the concepts of The line tangent to b2, the para..
Tres Dantescas Sonatas for piano
This critical edition has a marked autoethnographic component, fruit of the composer-performer collaboration over eleven years. Interpretive solutions are proposed that result in an enriched score for future performers...
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