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The Animalistic In Costa Rican Art # 10
Books with a novel design for children and young people about the work of the most important representatives of fine arts in the country...
The Costa Rican Kitchen
The reprint of this text, originally published in 1903, acquires a singular meaning in present-day Costa Rica, since it is the first printed work of national cuisine. Dona Juanas book includes not only a comprehensive list of recipes, the steps for p..
The Fruits Of Paradise
The House Of Adobes Costa Rican
historical research, technical analysis and prosecution of this human shelter which a process of logical and universal solution applicable to problems of any kind, adopted by the movements of most important contemporary architecture as the Chicago Sc..
The Human Adventure: From the Origin of Life to the Development of Ideas
The national symbols of Costa Rica: the other story
The Panorama Width: Memories
We can start anywhere, for today, yesterday or the day before yesterday; Or explaining the difference between those three times. Each age has different secrets that are the same secret in another musical tone. The child is ahistorical, the adolescent..
The Patriotic Forge: Organizational Thinking And Executive Action By Rodrigo Facio Brenes
This book tries to refresh the national collective memory about a great Costa Rican, in which Rodrigos permanent ideas and systematic reflections regarding academic and public management are complemented by certain snapshots about very personal condi..
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