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Intruder In Home: Joaquin Garcia Monge: His Biography
This new biography deals with a great protagonist of the first half of the twentieth century in Costa Rica and America: Joaquín García Monge. From the most important events of his life, critical penetrates with wit and enthusiasm in discovering their..
Jose Daniel Zuñiga: The Descriptive Song
In this book, a biography of José Daniel Zúñiga, an analysis of his works and scores of 20 songs culled from his extensive vocal repertoire presented...
Julio Fonseca: Anthology Of Songs
In this anthology a collection of 18 songs presented in canto-piano format, the Costa Rican composer Julio Fonseca Gutiérrez performed in different rhythms or common styles at the time of the composer...
Knowing Mythology
This book is about two important points for understanding the mythical-religious phenomenon: the sacred and the symbol. Although not intended to be exhaustive, it does provide the reader with basic tools for the proper management of accounts and for ..
Limon and its Cooking. Cooking recipes
It is a book that collects the limonense food. Five years of research and compilation of the oral traditions of the Caribbean population are reflected in the work in order to allow the reader to easily enter into the elaboration of these special dish..
Oral Communication Techniques
This textbook aims to facilitate relationships between people, to foster mutual understanding and to promote the surpassing of the individual in the performance of his dual role in relation to the communication process, either as an issuer, aware of ..
Presentation Standards for Construction of Statistical Charts and Graphs
This multimedia has been designed to facilitate interaction between the student and the content...
Snacks From Here. Alla And Costa Rica Also
The snacks, prelude to all food, through the recipes in this book, cover a wide geographical diversity. Throughout ten sections, the reader can find the perfect sandwich for your event, be it formal or informal...
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