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 Lucía Jerez
Numerous studies of José Martí's literary work assure that at the time of the writing of his only novel, the always latent memories of its author's Central American estancia were present, despite having been conceived and published in New York in 188..
All about Gabriela Mistral in American Repertoire (Volume I and II)
The Chilean poet Gabriela Mistral is one of the most significant presences in the American Repertory. During practically the entire life of this continental print, from 1919 to 1958, its participation through lyrical writings, essays and epistles acc..
Bartolomé de las Casas. Before the conquest of America: The voices of the historian
Bartolomé de las Casas before the conquest of America, it is not an exaggeration to affirm it, it constitutes one of those privileged meeting places that indicates future directions in studies of Latin American culture. Miguel Gomes. Chilean Literatu..
Dictionary of Central American Literature
It is a work carried out with rigor and, therefore, reliable for those who seek to deepen their knowledge of the letters of the region, of individual authors or of bibliographic information. The work is a milestone in Central American literary histor..
José Martí: narrating from journalism
Professionalism in the practice of journalism, a broad and solid culture, intellectual maturity and his stay of approximately 15 years in the United States allowed José Martí to write numerous and excellent chronicles of which he portrays with extrem..
OF MY LIFE (Volume I and Volume II)
This volume offers the reader two unpublished works and a little-known one by the prestigious Costa Rican writer, political and union leader, Carlos Luis Fallas. “Rojo y verde”: an extraordinary chronicle of the efforts to organize the section of the..
Omar Dengo. Writings and speeches
Flagship publication of the National University, because it is a compilation of the work of pedagogical, political and philosophical thought of the illustrious Costa Rican teacher, which gives its name to the main campus of the institution. Dengo was..
One hundred Costa Rican novels
The life and work of Fabio Garnier (1884-1956) is the country's debt to one of its highest exponents in any of the areas in which he developed as an engineer, educator, essay writer, novelist, playwright and literary critic.Jose Fabio GArnier's comme..
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