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Tightening Nuts: A Guide To Writing Final Graduation Jobs In Mechanical Engineering (Printed book)
This manual is a didactic guide to prepare proposals leading to a final graduation work. It is a concise source of operational application to choose the basic organization and format of a final report in the engineering area. It includes a useful LaT..
Tracing And Geometric Design Of Roads
Its purpose is didactic, but it also presents auxiliary design material that can help engineers exercise in the form of "first aid". It brings together pre-design and design concepts and themes such as track capability, drainage, earth movement and g..
Audit of computer applications. Relevant factors (ePub digital book)
This book compiles some topics of relevant interest for teachers, students, administrators, auditors and specialists in the area of ​​Information Technology, especially because, although they are topics that everyone knows, they have not been treated..
Bananas: basic concepts. Volume 1 (Printed book)
It is essential to understand the fundamental aspects of cultivation, postharvest handling and marketing, since it is the basis on which the basic concepts of cultivation are based, elementary for all those people interested in the processes ..
Bananas: post-harvest handling and commercialization Volume 3 (Printed book)
"He talks about determining aspects for obtaining a good quality crop, both in the field and in the treatment during the packaging, in addition, the way to evaluate it and make the pertinent corrections for a good acceptance in the markets. A..
Bananas: Production Technologies Volume 2 (Printed book)
This work has as main objective to meet the needs and aspirations of producers, researchers and students about innovative agriculture in relation to the changes that the world requires..
Comments to the seismic code of Costa Rica 2010. 2014 Review (Printed book)
This work arose from the need to complement the Code with a document that clarifies many of the issues addressed, so that the user of the standard can apply it with a broader criterion and with greater security...
Costa Rica's Code of Foundations (Printed book)
This Code, of obligatory compliance for the professionals of the Federated College of Engineers and Architects, is made to serve all those professionals who work in the design of geotechnical works and to supply the lack of knowledge to those..
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