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Viviana Gallardo was my friend
This book contains in a condensed form the story of the experiences of two children and later adolescents who shared fears, joys, frustrations and thoughtful discussions generated from reading universal literature writers for eleven years.It also con..
Voices from the mountain: Nature and society in the 20th century -Volcán Barva, Costa Rica
This book is a contribution to the environmental history of the twentieth century in the summits of the Barva Volcano, in Sacramento, Paso Llano and surroundings, based essentially on oral sources. The meticulous construction of testimonies led to th..
Votes for housing: the case of a mobilized clientele. San José, 1980-1990.
Patronage is a term frequently used in the media, in partisan politics, and in academia to refer with reductionist connotations to certain electoral practices. This work aims to investigate by means of a case study on the causes and complex operating..
When the cold hits
Putting the affective dimension on the table within the analysis of globalization may be inappropriate for some analysts, especially for the economists of the so-called “main current” (mainstream Economics), due to their inveterate claim to attribute..
Writings and essays by Rodrigo Madrigal Nieto (I and II volumes)
It is a compilation of 50 years of the thought of one of the most influential Costa Ricans in the politics of Costa Rica and especially in the foreign policy of the country. Written between 1940 and 1989, published in two volumes, they are a fundamen..
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