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Global Chains: approach and applications for developing agro-industries
Starting from the theoretical-methodological analysis of the Global Commodity Chains approach to its most practical application, this book locates core issues that affect the dynamics of agro-chains such as sectoral policies, marketing contracts, the..
International basins as complex security systems
It is a work of a scientific nature, uses case studies and seeks to propose some generalities about the interrelationships between water resources, National States and public policies, in a context of complex interdependence...
Introducción al trabajo social: una breve guía conceptual y contextual (Libro digital ePub)
Desde una posición crítica el autor realiza un análisis de algunas categorías teórico-conceptuales indispensables de abordar en el estudio de la profesión de Trabajo Social, como también de importantes referentes histórico-contextuales en su const..
José Martí in Costa Rican history and culture
A text rigorously treated and well founded on first-line bibliographic resources, an investigation about the figure of the Cuban José Martí...
Latin America: crisis of the clientelist state and the construction of citizen republics
The study proposes an innovative approach to Latin American development. A critical and meticulous analysis of the so-called clientelist state is developed, as a pseudo-republican system, which has prevented a true democratic access to the social maj..
Man and Woman of Knowledge: The Proposal of Juan Matus and Carlos Castañeda
The work is an analysis of the implications and consequences of the thought of the anthropologists Carlos Castaneda and Juan Matus. From this, he develops profound reflections on the worldview of the West and in particular of the culture of our own c..
Mercadotecnia de productos y servicios sociales: principios tácticos y estratégicos (Libro digital ePub)
En esta obra se desarrolla la mercadotecnia de servicios y productos sociales desde una perspectiva de desarrollo humano y se establecen las variables psicosociales, económicas y culturales que intervienen en ..
Metáforas de un naufragio. Abordajes a los manuscritos coloniales (LIBRO DIGITAL PDF)
Edición crítica y estudio introductorio sobre un manuscrito del año 1746 en el cual se consignan las acciones tomadas por las autoridades provinciales para poner a salvo una considerable cantidad de armam..
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