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Basic concepts and accounting procedures
Accounting as a tool has a parallel effect to the 4 fundamental elements of general administration (planning, organization, direction and control). The purpose of this book is to provide the basic and conceptual knowledge of accounting with the purpo..
Business Finance
The topics that are developed in this work are simple interest capitalization and updating, simple discounts, interest rate equivalences, compound interest, capitalization and updating, fixed and variable income securities, certain, ordinary, anticip..
Calculation of probabilities with Excel
This document is complementary to the EUNA publications, Probability Theory (2014) and Probability and Statistics Practices and Tasks (2012), both from the Teaching Support Material collection. The void that this work fills is the incorporation of co..
Coleoptera of agricultural importance in Costa Rica
This book presents the description of fifty-three species of beetles (beetles) belonging to twelve families of agricultural importance for Costa Rica. Information on the morphological characteristics of the adult stage of each species is included for..
Cost accounting: a way of ordering the process
The reader will be able to identify the entire process of developing a cost system, from the economic evaluation models, the design of an accounting system with a chart of accounts, the cost system according to the characteristics of the companies (b..
Environmental geography
Environmental geography: methods and techniques from Latin America.We are facing a work that combines theoretical and applied contributions in a balanced way and that will undoubtedly contribute to the dissemination of the theoretical and methodologi..
General accounting: Generalities, concepts and practical cases
Accounting is a fundamental tool in decision-making for the administrative bases of any entity, it provides qualitative and quantitative aspects of the historical reality recorded chronologically of the transactions resulting from its operations...
Globalization and challenges for small agriculture in Costa Rica: experiences of organization and generation of services for access to markets
This work presents a proposal for a new research agenda for the rural areas of Costa Rica, based on new contexts, challenges and concepts, and with a series of public policy recommendations for the rural Costa Rican world...
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