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Tactical periodization: an example of application in football based on the 1-4-4-2 game system

  • Brand: Editorial UNA
  • Product Code: Robert Andrey Picado Monge, Óscar Milton Rivas Borbón
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Traditionally, the training methodology used in football came from analytical methods, focused in a very fragmented way on the footballer's performance areas: psychological, technical, tactical and physical; but from where the various actions that occur in the game are trained in a decontextualized manner, without a comprehensive and systemic vision. Contrary to this traditional methodology, tactical periodization has emerged, which is based on aspects of complex systems theory and from which the training process is oriented from a systemic perspective.

This book presents theoretical aspects about tactical periodization and analyzes the principles that must be followed to develop the psychological, technical, tactical and physical areas of the soccer player, all in a contextualized and systemic way. In addition, to complement the theoretical part of this training model, the authors independently created a multimedia in which they pose various training tasks that visualize the tactical periodization training methodology.

Book Features
Pages 70pp
ISBN Code 9789977655390
Format available Printed book
Dimensions 21cm
Weight 271g

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