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Pinpoint angel

  • Product Code: Óscar Ureña Gacía
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Tags: Novela, Novedad, 2020

This is an inaugural novel. In many ways. Because on the one hand, its author, the young writer Óscar Ureña, likes to provoke visions that are out of the ordinary so that his characters are installed in reality in a different way. The tangible is touched here with the ineffable. Those are his secret keys. Touch from one side and the other. It goes like this, without transition, from the cabécar myth, in which his eyes, on his own account, acquire awareness of what he is looking at, to the breasts with which his wife puts him, in a single tremor, to live in it. world. There are no borders. There is no separation between such unfathomable territories. Both of them strain the heart and the imagination. The two make up the irresistible geography through which this novel enters us, as in a country.

Book Features
ISBN Code 9789930526897
Format available Printed book
Dimensions 21 cm

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