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The basement

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In a dark and damp basement, death is suspended. An old man is there, locked up for a long time. Someone observes him, sees the deterioration of his body, hears his inner voices mixed with the infinite voices that haunt the city. The beginning of the story, in the boyhood of the old man, leads to the gray life of his mother, Laura, his first and only love, life at school, paralysis before the world that surrounds him, in which they are confused the existence of the father who never said anything to him, the suicide of Laura, the city in which the steps always lead him to the same place. As the narrative progresses, the old man and a character who shares his confinement, merge into a single, inseparable identity, until they unite in the irremediable moment of death, when the leaks from the roof pipes open in a torrent unstoppable that floods everything. The basement is a novel in which a painful allegory of loneliness is built, inserted in the movement of the city, in each of the isolated existences next to the others.

Book Features
ISBN Code 9789930526378
Format available Printed book
Dimensions 21 cm

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