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The eye of the world

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Year 1994. Henry Brawn, a journalist photographer for a New York media, watches a story about the Pulitzer awarded to South African Kevin Carter for a photo that appeared in the New York Times. The journalist becomes obsessed with photography; perhaps the most shocking in history: there is no other similar Pulitzer. Faced with the weight of this obsession, Henry asks the director of the newspaper to send him to South Africa to interview Carter, whom the tabloid press portrays as insensitive, that he did not intervene to save the child. Brawn has a double agenda, in reality, his questions are not simple and remain secret. In the midst of the changes in South Africa: violence, protests, repression, but especially on the eve of elections that Mandela will win, Henry waits for a date with Carter, who is missing. The interview has become a persecution and a strange obsession, because Brawn meets a Dutch journalist staying at the same hotel, who has come with the same task of interviewing Carter and with questions that have not been asked to date. When Henry does not know what questions she will ask him and when he suspects that she may have questions similar to hers, a spiral of intrigue and suspicion begins that will unite them in a career that seems to presage a personal attempt at redemption from a man who took a photograph. off the charts, now emblematic of the world.

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ISBN Code 9789930526729
Format available Printed book
Dimensions 21 cm

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