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Political crisis of the modern world

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The author of this book, Gilberto Lopes de Castro, is a prominent journalist, if that profession is defined as it used to be several decades ago: the work of a researcher, with erudite knowledge, created in the ability to ask questions and question certainties. . Global in his way of analyzing the small, local in his way of analyzing the universal, historical when studying the present and futuristic when he opts for the study of the immediate. Lopes is from that journalism school that produced storytellers like Gabriel García Márquez and analysts like George Orwell. His capacity for analysis, with a fluent and well-constructed narrative, make his essays works of study. The book reveals the contradictions of modernity tied to capitalism as a mode of production. Capitalism, driven in and by the Enlightenment, acquired from it its totalitarian character. In his attempt to define happiness as the ability to have, he returns to each individual a repetition of the other. With this tremendous book, original and entertaining, enthusiastic and critical, sad and happy, Lopes makes a fundamental contribution to understanding contemporary society and its drifts. The reader will not be able to stop reading, hoping, in this adventure, to discover which of these paths seems viable.

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ISBN Code 9789930595206
Format available Printed book
Dimensions 21 cm

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