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Introduction to Euclidean Geometry


This work is of interest to those who find in mathematics the universal language with which they can explain the phenomena that occur in our environment and, of course, for those who see in it a door that will lead them towards the search for knowledge oriented to scientific and technological development. The foreword by Víctor Buján measures the virtues of this text within the framework of teacher training and its positive impact on the teaching of mathematics.
In addition, it contains the topics that are usually taught in initial and intermediate courses in Euclidean geometry at the university level, as a basis for a solid academic training. Its main objective is to present the contents in a rigorous and attractive way. Special care has been taken in exposing the contents, so that it is as explanatory as possible; even the topics can be developed in a self-taught way.
More than 200 exercises are proposed and about 200 examples, solved exercises and geometric constructions are developed. Likewise, with the inclusion of more than 500 figures, the reading public will find greater fluency in the presentation of the topics and freshness when reading.
The Editorial Tecnológica de Costa Rica publishes this work with the assurance that it represents a valuable contribution for those who wish to assimilate knowledge, delve into this wonderful branch of mathematics and enjoy the joy of discovery.

Book Features
Edition 1
Pages 426 pp.
ISBN Code 978-9977-66-513-9
Dimensions 17.78x25.1
Weight 1000 Grs.

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