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The open body: an essay on the construction and deconstruction of somatic limits (Printed book)

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The history of the body is, in part, the openings and closings. If the body appears on the horizon of philosophical and historical studies, it is precisely because we do not have a certainty about its limits or a way to fix its borders once and for all.

On the contrary, when it is submitted under the lens of critical interrogation, corporeality becomes a slippery, malleable, perhaps plastic “substance”. This book aims to think about the body in terms of those elusive boundaries. But, just as it is interesting to deconstruct the closures of the body, it is important to think about the openings that do not cease to haunt its alleged unitary constitution. It is about defending the premise that no body is completely closed or individuated, but also about discussing, through a group of philosophical, cinematographic, plastic and literary productions, the social forms in which bodily openings are presented.

Book Features
ISBN Code 9789977655123
Format available Printed book
Dimensions 28 cm

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