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Noir sur blanc (Niveau II)

  • Brand: Editorial UNA
  • Product Code:  Róger Retana, Roberto Salgado, Andrew Smith
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Tags: Lengua

It is the volume that complements and develops the title Noir Sur Blanc I. Its authors propose a development of the complexity of the texts by maintaining a varied theme and an enrichment of vocabulary for a textual understanding of an intermediate level of French. As in level I, teaching is essential both in the choice of texts and in their adaptation to the realities of the teaching-learning process.The perspective that guides this book is very different: it starts from the fact that, between In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Costa Rica experienced a decisive transition towards a pre-reformed democracy, in the course of which periodic and competitive elections became the fundamental link between popular demands and public policies. The long-term result of this connection was a socially oriented political system.

Book Features
ISBN Code 9789977652733
Format available Printed book
Dimensions 28 cm

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