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Don Pepe Figueres. Volume III: Letters to a citizen; This is how words and stories are born; Tender Cubaces in April; Cypress with SALT; Stripes of light: arboriculture on the 10th parallel


I fondly remember the times when Pepe wrote the stories published in this book, along with his previous work, Letters to a citizen.

I'm excited to think that, by reading them, people will get to know Pepe better, he was unique! Above all the obligations that he fulfilled throughout his life, he always found time to share his reflections and ideas.

This inheritance that he left us reflects his spirit and his dedication.

Enjoy his works!

Karen Olsen Beck

December, 2019

Book Features
Edition 1
Pages 466
ISBN Code 978-9977-66-499-6
Dimensions 16.51 x 21.61
Weight 790 grs.

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