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Don Pepe Figueres. Volume II: The poverty of nations; Spent word


In two different stages of the life of our dear father, Don Pepe, we grew up with the same ideals and the same respect for public service that we were instilled in from childhood. Perhaps in part that is why both of us, as well as our brother Mariano (†), came to occupy public positions in the service of the country.

These two books, Spent Words and The Poverty of Nations, also written by our father in two stages of his life with different national realities, manifest his eternal perseverance in studying public affairs and seeking answers to the changing demands of our society. We find that many of the ideas that he raises in these writings are still valid.

Muni Figueres Boggs

Jose Maria Figueres Olsen

November, 2020

Book Features
Edition 1
Pages 394
ISBN Code 978-9977-66-498-9
Dimensions 16.51 x 21.60
Weight 700 Grs.

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