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The stories of Tata Mundo (Libro digital ePub)



The stories of Tata Mundo effectively portrays the idiosyncrasies, customs, mindset and language of the men and women of the character's homeland. Its humor and irony make us both smile and reflect on what we have read. It is amazing to see how some of the idiomatic expressions used reveal an exceptional insight into the state of mind of the characters.


The stories of Tata Mundo enjoys a privileged place in the universal picaresque tradition. It bears comparison with the best works of Spain's Golden Age and in many places reveals the author's preference for them. In terms of our literature, it reminds us of old Vizcacha, in Martín Fierro. But Tata Mundo is a more noble, better person. He can be generous. His advice always teaches us a lesson. He offers the reader an education in morality and correct behavior."


(Andrés J. Abad) Taken from The stories of Tata Mundo, Editorial Costa Rica 1966, 2nd edition.

Book Features
File size 926 KB
Edition 1st ed. 2020
ISBN Code 978-9968-46-915-9
Format available ePub digital book

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