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Wooded coffee plantations


Wooded coffee plantations presents a series of technical recommendations, both agronomic and silvicultural, to increase crop productivity and incorporate the management of trees or shrubs in the coffee system. Although it emphasizes the Central Valley of Costa Rica, its content has national and regional application.
Through a strategic alliance between the Technological Institute of Costa Rica and the Coffee Institute of Costa Rica, this work offers agroforestry alternatives in which the coffee system is profitable, sustainable and biodiverse. Likewise, it is inspired by the creation of models that allow transfer of planting technologies, management of fruit trees and shrubs, ornamentals and timber, whether in blocks, lines, boundaries, mixtures or in protection areas.
It also rescues other forms of traditional association of trees and shrubs with coffee, such as the incorporation of fruit trees, ornamentals, traditional medicines, crops and food for wildlife.

Book Features
Edition 1st ed. 2020
Pages 196 pp.
ISBN Code 978-9977-66-466-8
Format available Printed version
Weight 300 Grs.

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