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Claudio Gutiérrez. Complete works

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A total of 6 volumes that include: a treatise on epistemology and informatics, the doctoral thesis of the University of Chicago, the book of elements of logic and its complement of exercises, the book The computerized society, a careful selection of newspaper articles from the Author. The author's collection of academic speeches, most of which were previously published as Of University People and several other works.

Book Features
File size Vol I - 6.3 MB Vol. II - 6.1 MB Vol. III - 6 MB Vol. IV - 7 MB Vol. V - 10.1 MB Vol. VI - 8.5 Total: 44 MB
Edition Edition: 1st ed. 2020
ISBN Code 978-9968-46-874-9 (obra completa)
Format available PDF digital book

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