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Tenochtitlan: the last battle of the Aztecs

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Historical novel that deals with the arrival of Hernán Cortés and the Spanish conquerors in Mexico, the way in which the conquest developed and how they consummated it, all from the perspective of the vanquished.
The conquest of Mexico is one of the most important events of the last 500 years. However, how this story has been told depends on the focus and interests of the person who tells it. Numerous authors have addressed the subject, but none have done so as José León Sánchez. With Tenochtitlan: the last battle of the Aztecs, its author presents us with a vibrant novel that departs from the version of the victors, from the words dedicated to the subject during centuries of Spanish and Anglo-Saxon centuries. In this book the characters have a dimension of great psychological and cultural depth, like the anonymous hero who stars in the narrative and who embodies the ideal of pride and resistance to the bloody occupation of the invaders, thirsty for gold and wealth. José León Sánchez has written the novel that finally gives voice to those who were defeated after a heroic defense of the splendid city of Tenochtitlan, in one of the most unjust and barbarous wars of all time. Tenochtitlan: The last battle of the Aztecs relives with special force and intensity the collapse of an entire civilization and the savagery with which it was destroyed.

Book Features
Edition 1st ed. 2020
Pages 440 pp.
ISBN Code 978-9968-46-826-8
Dimensions 15,24 cm x 22,86 cm
Weight 750 Grs.

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