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The horizontal production of knowledge (PHC) is an alternative proposal to the conventional practices of social research. Currently, the social and cultural sciences face problems that they cannot fully explain, such as the increase in violence, the new demands of social movements, self-governments, educational disillusionment, the impact of technology and networks social, among many other issues. For the author, the PHC is the possibility of changing the production of knowledge, this time in an inclusive, interdisciplinary way and by listening to all the voices involved in the problems. According to Corona Berkin, facing the generating conflict, producing dialogue in a clear horizontality and verifying the autonomy of the voices are the methodological principles to produce new social knowledge and, at the same time, establish new relationships between people.

Book Features
Edition 1st ed. 2020
ISBN Code 978-9968-46-842-8
Format available PDF digital book
Weight 4 MB

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