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Biotechnology for all: concepts, applications and benefits

Tags: Engineering

Biotechnology, as an applied science of biology with a multidisciplinary activity base, has made a vertiginous advance after the discovery of the intricate cellular genetic structure of plants and animals. Without a doubt, it is an exciting field of knowledge, whose contributions in goods and services for humanity are having notable favorable impacts.
Given the above, the study, research and application of biotechnology require integrating, according to each area, professionals in agronomy, chemistry, biology, veterinary medicine, law, engineering, genetics, informatics and molecular biology, among others.
This work, presented with simplicity and clarity, describes the bases, uses and contributions of biotechnology. With this, a greater understanding of this discipline is fostered and the awakening of potential solutions for the multiple challenges related to sustainable human development. In this way, its proactive reading becomes a promising seed for innovation-based entrepreneurship.
The areas of application of biotechnology and their current and potential contributions are overcome by the problems to be solved in the fields of agriculture, food, health, industry, environment, pharmaceuticals, among others.
The main purpose of this book is to motivate students, teachers, producers, opinion makers and political leaders to create a contingent of innovative human capital that, based on this knowledge, seeks new opportunities for growth in various areas.

Book Features
Edition 1
Pages 390 pp
ISBN Code 978-9977-66-464-4
Weight 695 grs.

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