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Accounting and cost management information systems II (Printed book)


"Companies must correctly allocate costs to articles and manage information, in order to generate the necessary tools for analysis. The work Accounting and cost management information systems II aims to explain cost concepts such as their predetermination, analysis of variations, distribution by line or zone, the point of equilibrium, direct costs and others necessary for short-term decision making, in addition, the allocation of costs in the importation of merchandise and the adequate distribution of services are detailed. nationalization taxes.
As in the book Accounting and cost management information systems I, these topics are presented in a theoretical and practical way, with explanatory cases solved and problems to develop. Therefore, a practice section with templates has been developed to complete and generate space for analysis. The book is aimed at students of Public Accounting and Management of companies that have basic knowledge of Costs. "

Book Features
Edition 1
Pages 326 pp
ISBN Code 978-9977-66-468-2
Dimensions 21.59 cm x 27.94 cm
Weight 975 Grs.

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