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The coins in the second administration of Braulio Carrillo (Printed version)

Tags: Humanities

This document gathers information about the coins issued during the second administration of Braulio Carrillo, after the promulgation of the General Regulation for the Public Treasury of the State, in December of 1839. The study was based mainly on documents kept in the National Archives. The amounts settled in the records of the Mint were digitized, converted into units of the International System of Units (SI) and analyzed in order to obtain quantitative information on each of the issues, parts and variants.

In the preamble the indispensable information is offered to understand the characteristics of the monetary system of the time, the concepts related to the coinage, the law and the instruments and procedures used in the Mint or mint. In order to establish the historical context in which coins are minted, some of the facts related, directly or indirectly, to the object of study, its protagonists and the circumstances in which they occurred are reported. The period of study, as such, includes from May 27, 1838 to September 15, 1842, but mention is made of events that occurred at other times when it was considered appropriate.

In order to contrast the characteristic features of the co-payments during the second administration of Mr. Braulio, a summary is made of the origins and activity of the Mint in the period prior to the promulgation of the aforementioned General Regulation. Information about the monetary policy of the period under review is also presented, as a useful element to have at hand the background and regulations that governed each of the issues. In each situation, we try to envision the relationship between the causal events and their consequences.

The fundamental principle of this investigation is the method, which is nothing else than using objectivity and common sense to explain the observed facts.

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Edition 1st ed
Pages 222 pag.
ISBN Code 978-9977-66-459-0
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