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100 years of Costa Rican literature


"100 years of Costa Rican literature by Margarita Rojas and Flora Ovares is a fundamental work within the literary historiography of our country. Since the appearance of its first edition in 1995, it became a mandatory source of consultation, both for specialists and for anyone interested in obtaining an overall view, agile and clear, of the literary tradition
Costa Rican..."
Alexánder Sánchez Mora

Book Features
Edition 1st ed. 2018, EUCR-ECR
Pages 568 pp.
ISBN Code ISBN 978-9930-549-51-3 (Volume 1) ISBN 978-9930-549-52-0 (Volume 2) ISBN 978-9930-549-50-6 (Complete work)
Dimensions 13,34 cm x 20,96 cm
Weight 1320 Grs.

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