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When the cold hits

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  • Product Code:  Álvaro Vega Sánchez
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Putting the affective dimension on the table within the analysis of globalization may be inappropriate for some analysts, especially for the economists of the so-called “main current” (mainstream Economics), due to their inveterate claim to attribute to scientific economics , an objectivity similar to that of the physical-mathematical sciences. However, in doing so, the author of these pages places himself in the line of great authors in the field of economics and other social sciences and therefore invites a rediscovery of the thought veins of those analysts who, taken seriously, they would undoubtedly give rise to a very diverse way of existence of understanding growth, progress, productive and commercial relations and all the essential elements of globalization.

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ISBN Code 9789977654812
Format available Printed book
Dimensions 22 cm

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