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A tiny fraction of the wind

  • Brand: Editorial UNA
  • Product Code:  Rafael Cuevas Molina
  • Availability: 3
Tags: Literatura

It is a novel in which the characters and historical times alternate in the dizzying plot that offers a fresco of the last fifty years of Guatemala. Taking seriously her hairdresser and pedicurist's reading of the lines on the sole of her foot, Fabiola, an upper-class woman in her fifties, begins the unbridled search for an old teenage love in which she pin her hopes of getting out of a cycle family oppression and violence. She is anxious and desperate, she finds herself in a parallel world but very different from her own, with which she without realizing it she has sometimes brushed against throughout life.

The novel is a great metaphor for a divided and confronted country, which does not stop having hilarious and suspenseful moments that leave readers with smiles or wild-eyed disbelief at the unexpected twists of the plot.

Book Features
ISBN Code 9789977654652
Format available Printed book
Dimensions 22 cm

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