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Accounting and cost management information systems I. Practices


Cost accounting has become relevant in today's world, since every time we seek to make a rational use of resources, and for this it is necessary to know how much it costs to carry out the activities or process the products. For this reason, the work I Accounting and Cost Management Information Systems I aims to explain the aspects of cost calculation and the way in which the results are transferred to the financial reports through accounting entries.
The basic concepts of costs such as classification, inventory registration, labor, indirect costs and the accumulation of costs by orders and processes are exposed in a theoretical and practical way, with explanatory cases resolved and problems to develop outside of class.
A book of practices has also been developed to favor the learning process and make it more fluid; In this way, time is saved in designing templates and emphasis is placed on the analysis and understanding of cost distribution methodologies, which constitute fundamental knowledge in business decision-making.
The book is aimed at students of Public Accounting and Business Management who have intermediate knowledge of accounting. It also entails a high degree of difficulty, in order to make an analogy closer to the reality of business and production processes.

Book Features
Edition First edition
Pages 118 pp.
ISBN Code 978-9977-66-449-1
Dimensions 21,59 x 27,94 cm
Weight 455 Grs.

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