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Geotechnical code of slopes and slopes of Costa Rica


The Geotechnical Code of Slopes and Slopes of Costa Rica considers minimum requirements, without being limiting for the studies of evaluation, investigation, analysis and stabilization of landslides of slopes and slopes, by providing a focus oriented according to the selected risk and considering the type of infrastructure works involved. In its initial section it is intended to indicate the design criteria to define the level of safety of the slope or slope analyzed. The second section includes, among other aspects, a technical sheet that aims to document the type of slope or slope that needs to be analyzed; with this, it is intended to define the minimum requirements for its investigation and thus generate the geotechnical model of analysis.

Book Features
Edition First edition, 2015
Pages 78 pp
ISBN Code 978-9977-66-335-7
Dimensions 17,78 x 25,40 cm
Weight 350 grs.

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