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Wallflower Cap
It is the night of December 31, 1973. Just as the New Year is announced, with the joyous sound of bells, sirens and fireworks, the first child of the year is born. The event will be sensationalized by the media and will also be a milestone in the his..
Waste treatment: fundamentals and applications for Latin America
This book is the result of decades of research, applied to real situations that have required solutions based on the realities of Latin American countries. There is a complication of the basic knowledge necessary in the development of technologies su..
Watershed management: experiences and perspectives from UNA 2014
This work, the first of its kind in our institution, aims to offer knowledge about hydrographic basins, generated by important academic groups that during the last decade have taken up the challenge of providing society with relevant information.The ..
When the cold hits
Putting the affective dimension on the table within the analysis of globalization may be inappropriate for some analysts, especially for the economists of the so-called “main current” (mainstream Economics), due to their inveterate claim to attribute..
Without any explanation
This poetic selection gathers the best of the literary career of Carlos Francisco Monge, one of the most outstanding poets of contemporary Costa Rican letters.From various discursive registers, his lyrics are an example of an exploratory awareness of..
Woman, sport and nation in Costa Rica (1888-2015)
The book develops the historical study of Costa Rican women's sports from 1888 to 2015. It tells how Costa Rican women appropriated sports practices, which contributed to giving them greater recognition in national society and overcoming prejudices a..
Women forgers of Costa Rican thought
Novel study on the contributions of women to the construction of thought in the Costa Rican sphere. It is shown, through a clear analysis, the role that illustrious women have played in creating an awareness of being and doing in the historical envir..
Writings and essays by Rodrigo Madrigal Nieto (I and II volumes)
It is a compilation of 50 years of the thought of one of the most influential Costa Ricans in the politics of Costa Rica and especially in the foreign policy of the country. Written between 1940 and 1989, published in two volumes, they are a fundamen..
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