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Amusement park
Amusement park is a woman's look at the worlds: that of every day, that of secrets and that of desires. The book is constructed in several voices recounting the disagreement, the lack and the emptiness. Speaking of love and heartbreak, it lets us see..
Anarchy order without authority
The pen and the methodological ability of the historian is present again in this work that, surely, will be taken as a reference source when considering for those who speak about anarchism and / or consider themselves anarchists, therefore, the readi..
Around the corner
These stories are narratives of people, beings of flesh and blood, that are glimpsed between the words, testimonies and continuity of the great presence of our people...
As the peaks burn
These poems by Juan Carlos Olivas tenderly destroy what was done wrong or lightly and propose to go back to basics and not waste words. They help us study our unworthiness and then purify ourselves. It also has the award of the UNA-WORD 2011 Award, a..
Bartolomé de las Casas. Before the conquest of America: The voices of the historian
Bartolomé de las Casas before the conquest of America, it is not an exaggeration to affirm it, it constitutes one of those privileged meeting places that indicates future directions in studies of Latin American culture. Miguel Gomes. Chilean Literatu..
Because it hurts if I stay
A fallen angel and a lofty demon progressively discover their humanity, their own and that of the other, and together they light the trembling flame of love… A love without fuss, anchored in the present and away from social clichés on the subject...
Between a sword and a wall: Pedagogies of sexuality around sexual morality. Prostitution of men and formation of masculinities in Costa Rica
As witnesses hidden between the pages, we accompany Luis Pablo Orozco on his tours through the streets of San José, Costa Rica, and the territories destined for the sex trade of men for men, for example the National Park. There a study is produced on..
Bioluminescent tales
In this compilation of five extraordinary stories, the author unites, with a pedagogical approach, fiction with reality. She tells us about the biological relationships between species, about bioluminescent beings and about enigmas of nature.The lang..
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